Hello Messed Up World

All of a sudden, I’ve created this blog. I mean, I really need to improve my English and just wanted a blog focusing on it.

Okay, my name is Rin, a Japanese writer and a housewife living in Tokyo.
I said that I’m a writer though, I write stuff in Japanese only so far. And mostly I write novels. Actually I had/will have some opportunities to write something related to mental health which I can get paid. So in that sense, I maybe a professional writer.

HOWEVER, my dream is to be a professional novelist.
I know it’s really hard but I’ve been making efforts for more than 15 years.

Mental issues are very huge, important factor when I talk about myself. I’ve been suffering from some mental disorders since when I was 15. I’ll write about this in other posts later on.

Anyway, this post is just a greeting. I’d appreciate if you keep reading my future posts, and help me to be a better writer in English as well. Thank you.


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